Uncle Jeno’s Family Reunion


Written by HSK Szerro

Alright Younglings get your weapons ready because uncle Jeno has a tale to tell. Ever since I retired along with the rest of Rise of Bahamut I have heard the people cry, “Oh uncle Jeno why did you leave us?” but what you need to understand if I never really left, I have been living STRAIGHT THROUGH YAAAA in your hearts. It’s not the Jeno on the outside, but the Jeno on the inside that matters. So gather round and listen to my tale of Jeno’s of all shapes and sizes.  

Queen Hemera the White: Ah my one true successor. Hemera does something I could never do. She is able to recover you from a losing board state on the draw since her Knight token is a great evolve target in the early turns of the game. Not only does Hemera share a similar statline and effect to my own she also shares the same “enhance 6” clause as me. (At Least on Chromatic Duel). All of this and there is still another half of the card to talk about. Queen Magnus is able to put in work when it comes to protecting a board and makes it much easier to leave something up to buff with something like a Sky Fortress.

Machine Artisan Geno: Though Geno lacks in the Fur and Rush department he makes up for it by having opposable thumbs and a nice 5:00 Shadow. Geno actually has a really unique effect, he subtracts a flat number off your next damage taken. With the help of something like Nilpotent entity he can actually completely fade an entire hit. Unfortunately, though he is able to fade massive amounts of damage more often than not your going to want that artifact he makes you discard and even when you get him off you still ended up working really hard to gain up to 3 HP. Luckily for Geno he shares the same name as Uncle Jeno and that combined with him being a 2PP 2/2 makes it possible that Geno will see some fringe play.

Acceleratium: 1PP, turn all of your artifacts into Jenolings. The tempo swings this card allows for cannot be expressed in words. Accel let’s you wipe and flood a board at the cost of no play points. It is very hard to really explain how powerful this card really is. With analyzing artifacts you can hyper cycle through your deck. With mystic artifacts you can wall up for cheap. In the end what puts Acceleratium over the top is how it grants rush to all of your artifacts. It gives portal tons of flexibility and allows them to affect the board much more quickly.

Barbarossa: For many years I worked very closely with Barbarossa at the academy. I taught him everything he knows. I would always remind him how others would follow. Those words must have meant alot to him because these days if you remove a Barbarossa you know the next one is not far behind. It seems 5PP 5/4 rush is the new standard for Jeno’s in rotation. Back in my day we got 4PP 4/3’s and we liked it. I can’t say I think Barbarossa will ever replace me but I do think he can replace himself and that’s got to count for something.

Snowfield Warrior: This is the saddest excuse for a Jeno to ever walk these lands. This is the guy that went to Jeno class every day but never actually took notes. Snowfield Warrior isn’t by any means terrible, it’s just that he doesn’t really do enough. Compared to my own 4/3 body he just cant hit as hard. When you do actually get the “payoff” and snowfield survives to tell the tale he is still going to be at best a 4/3 (more often a 4/2 or 4/1) so you work a bit harder and your reward is…. A jeno? But the thing is that’s it, you can not eek out any extra value out of your Snowfield Warrior. I believe that is the biggest strike against snowfield warrior, but hey, at least he has a killer moustache.

So what did we learn about the family? The most playable Jeno’s can be enhanced or played in multiples like barbarossa. We only scratched the surface of my extensive family tree but for now, I will take my leave. However, others will follow.