Rotation: Justice is Delivered! Control (Aya) Havencraft Part 1


(yep pretty sad i know…naming a deck after myself but hey! All in fun right? Okay, probably not =\)

Shadowverse Portal: http://bit.ly/2A8yu9L

Howdy Shadowverse players! I’ve with yet another awesome deck build (at least I think so anyway) I have been playing this deck for a few days now on the ladder and have been having amazing results! I wanted to take the time to share it with you here.


Card Choices

Godscale’s Banquet & Gemstone Carapace: These are AWESOME new additions to haven decks. I actually even have a difficult time wanting to remove them. Godscale gives you the ability to play the card in 2 different modes. You can play the card as an early drop if you don’t have a better turn 2 play or you want to start setting up some pressure or you can play it later in the game if you want to flood the board with very difficult to kill followers. Gemstone Carapace is my favorite amulet in the game right now. In combination with Snow White, you can actually pop this card very easily. Not to mention, it produces a 3/5 that can be incredibly difficult to kill!

Jeanne Beacon of Salvation: At first, I was very iffy about this card. I mean, it’s no themes’s decree (Rest in peace my favorite board wipe) but this card actually has come in clutch so many times that this deck definitely needs a third copy! There are gonna be some games where you are going to play this on 3 just to have a body in play and that is completely fine. With this deck, you want to maintain as much tempo as you can.

Heavenly Knight: Okay this guy right here is easily my favorite card in Chronogenesis. Not only is he freaking cool as hell, but he can help push some storm damage through to your opponent for pressure. He can also be pulled off of Aether of the white wing to help protect your board or you when you are in a tight spot. His defensive makes him incredibly difficult to break through and in combination with Aether, he becomes even more difficult.

Bahamut: The bahamut is a flex spot. You can literally put anything else in bahamut’s place and it would be just fine. The reason for the bahamuts though is to help with the gameplan of keep your opponents board empty. Also to help with the bahamut war that you end of fighting with dragon.

Judge of Retribution: This is also a flex spot but it is less expendable than Bahamut. This card is very strong against the shadow and sword matchups. It also draws you a card which means you can keep a constant stream of cards in your hand while dealing with your opponents threats.


Card Replacements

  • 2x Bahamut -> +1 Jeanne Beacon of Salvation and +1 Pegasus Dullahan
  • 2x Heavenly Knight -> 1x lux horn sarissa +1 Curate or +2 Curate
    • Please know that changing this configuration will mess with how you play Aether of the White Wing.
  • Snow White -> Nothing. There is literally no way you can replace snow white. It is far too valuable.
  • X Judge of Retibution -> X Dark Jeanne


Understanding Aether of the White Wing

This is probably the most important aspect of playing this deck. There are gonna be times where you can play Aether of the white wing and it might not be so obvious.

6pp; Aether of the white wing -> Ancient Lion Spirit: This is the easiest play you can make with the deck. Using your evo to clear your opponents board is why you play this line.

6pp Aether of the white wing -> Priest of the Cudgel: If you have already used your Ancient lion spirit, you can use this to pull priest. This is a less common play but this play can be down right devastating. You can also do this play if you want to buff your board making it harder for your opponent to trade with.

7pp: Aether of the white wing -> Judge of retribution: This is simply a board fill maneuver. I would not recommend this

8PP-9PP: Aether of the white wing -> Heavenly knight: As discussed above, this play can downright save you a game.

10 PP: Aether of the white wing -> Heavenly Aegis: This is how you close out games.

Final thoughts

I have been having an excellent time playing this deck and i hope that you do too. Below you can find a match of me playing this deck on youtube here. If you are interested in talking with me about the deck of have any suggestions, feel free to hit up my discord! https://discord.gg/bdVuV7T. My next article will be on the changes i have made to the deck and the match up information! Thanks for reading and see ya next time!