Jormungand Vengeance ~ Killing Me Softly Part 2


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Jormungand Vengeance ~ Killing Me Softly Part 1

Howdy Shadowverse players!

I am back now with part 2 of the Jorm article. Some of the responses i got from the last one were pretty interesting actually. Primarily the one where its like “why would you play Jorm over Carabosse?” lol. It’s a valid question but i do answer that question in the previous article. In this article, we will be discussion a few more prevalent match ups that you might come across.. All of this information is based on my personal experience with the deck. If there is a deck that i don’t mention here that you would like to know the match up information for, please ask!

Match Ups

Dimension Shift

Dimension Shift is currently one of the most played decks on the ladder. This deck actually does very very well against that because of 2 reasons.

  1. You have very beefy followers that can be hard for them to kill
  2. You have access to several different storm followers

This is not “unwinnable” for dimension shift though as they do have access to a ton of removal. So it does require you to play this match up a little differently than the others. Here are some tips to help you fight against shift.

  • Hard Mulligan for Belphegor
    • Dshift is not a deck that is looking to kill you once you are placed into vengeance. Belphegor is one of the best cards you can have against them because you don’t care about preserving your life total.
  • Dark Airjammer is keepable on mulligan.
    • Dark Airjammer is one of the best tools you have against this deck because it is a massive tempo swing. Your opponent will have to contend with 3 threats (in vengeance) instead of just one and since mosf of Dimension Shifts removal is actually one shot removal, a well placed air jammer could win you the game on the spot.
  • Disagreeable Demon is the best card in this match up hard mulligan for this along with belphegor.
    • I cannot stress enough how great disagreeable demon is this deck! Pay attention to what your opponent does in the early turns. If they don’t play something on turn 1, they cannot wind blast this card on three unless they magic missile on 2 which they won’t be able to do because your disagreeable demon doesn’t come down until turn 3.
    • It is also important to note that your opponent cannot kaleidoscopic glow this card.
  • Spiderweb imp is not very good here
    • Super easy Kaleidoscopic glow target and it is very low damage. While each point of damage counts, spiderweb imp is generally not the card you want for that.
    • I would throw this card away in this match up. Do not give your opponent the ability to spellboost faster than he should be.
  • Do not evolve 1/2 PP followers unless you are pushing for damage and heave lethal available.
    • This kinda comes back to kaleidoscopic glow. If you burn an evo to trade with something of your opponents using a 1/2 PP follower, then your opponent can bounce it and now you are out of an evo point and a follower. This isn’t so bad on cards like blood wolf but it can be pretty crippling on something like ambling wraith that was just pulled off of a dark air jammer.
  • Pre- Evolutions are very strong vs this deck!
    • To explain: A Pre – Evolution is an evolve that you perform without actually trading into anything or attacking directly. You basically evolve and then pass. On many occassions, you can get away with Pre- Evolving a Belphegor or a Disagreeable demon can sometimes be a winning play because shift does not run a lot of followers! It can also get them to burn a substantial amount of their removal as well if they didn’t have time to spellboost them properly.

Vs. Aggro decks 

I create this section because most of your aggro match ups end up playing out the same. They flood the board and you must come up with ways to deal with their flood before they kill you. The below tips will help you be able to fight the match ups better. Aggro decks can also be very difficult for you to fight against as this deck.

  • Be the control deck
    • The thing about this deck is, you have many ways to keep your opponents board controlled. Cards like Scarlet Sabruer / Snarling Chains / Razory Claw (At times) are very helpful for controlling your opponents board.
    • in effect, this means that you will spend a great deal of time trading instead of pushing damage.
    • Spiderweb Imp is an all star in this match up. It can be difficult to trade into and is very difficult for decks like Storm haven to be able to banish it due to its 4 defense.
    • As a control deck, you have one primary goal. Survive!
  • Mitigate the amount of damage you take!
    • Your opponent will be doing most of the work by attacking you in the face for the most part. You don’t want them to get too carried away so something that you will want to do is try to do things without taking a ton of damage. Let them do the work for you and then after that is finished, you can then take advantage of your various vengeance effects. (please refer to part one for information about this)
    • This means that if you happen to have a high life total (say 15 or higher) DO NOT PLAY BELPHEGOR! Many winnable games have been lost due to this one error in judgement.
      • The only only time you play Belphegor is when literally have no other play and you are hoping to draw into an out. Otherwise, just keep playing the game patiently and wait for your chance to take over the match. You run plenty of storm cards. The other time you play belphegor is if you are able to play diabolic drain in the same turn to help mitigate the amount of damage you are taking
  • While what I am about to say is rather obvious, I feel the need to say it anyway. If you are familiar with the match up and you know that your opponent cannot kill you, then feel free to press your advantage and deal damage to them. ultimately, your goal is to win the game right? So when you are able, jam their face into the ground!
  • Scarlet Sabruer / Diabolic Drain are your best friends in these match ups. Do your best to maximize the use you get out of them. Sabruer can help you on your path to clearing boards of your opponents weaker followers and trade with bane into their bigger ones.


Final thoughts

Whew! This was a lot to write but I hope that this information proves useful! I enjoy writing these style of articles because it allows me to get my thoughts out in written form. If you are interested in talking to any of us here at the Shadow Nexus or just wanna hang out with a bunch of people who play shadowverse, feel free to hit up our discord here https://discord.gg/bdVuV7T Until next time guys!