Jormungand Vengeance ~ Killing Me Softly Part 1



Howdy Shadowverse players! Man! It’s been a while since I have had sometime to sitdown and write an article on my own website. Generally I am writing between shadowverse.gamepress.gg and shadowverse.nge.io so I don’t have a large amount of time but I wanted to take the time to come back home and write an article on a deck that I have been playing a ton! Please understand that this article is primarily written for players who may not be entirely familiar with Shadowverse.

What is Vengeance Blood?

Vengeance blood is a midrange deck that is built around the premise of using bloodcrafts main mechanic Vengeance. While you are at 10 HP or lower, vengeance is active, allowing you to use increase the power of some of your cards.

  • Dark General: Gains Storm while in vengeance
  • Diabolic drain: Cost is reduced to 1 instead of 5
  • Belphegor: You do not take additional damage for playing this card while you are in vengeance
  • Emerelda, Demonic officer: Gains storm while in vengeance
  • Dark Air Jammer: Pulls 2 followers instead of one while in vengeance

My opponent won’t put me into vengeance! How do I get myself into vengeance?

Excellent question! This deck is literally equipped to handle that very situation. Good players will usually do their best not to force you into vengeance because they know the power of the deck they are facing. Below you will find a little guide as to what to do depending on the life total your opponent leaves you at.

  • 12 HP
    • Razory Claw
    • Blood Wolf
    • Spiderweb Imp
    • Blood Pact
  • 11 HP
    • Ambling Wraith
    • Snarling Chain


Belphegor will always put you in vengeance regardless of your life total. However, you have to be careful about how you play belphegor because if played in correctly, you could actually end up killing yourself. There are games where you will not even want to be in vengeance after a certain time of the game has passed but i will cover that in the match up portion in the next article.

But Aya! I don’t understand why jormengand is in this deck! Can you explain??? 

Absolutely! Jormungand at first kind of became a pet card because of how underplayed it was. However after doing a lot of testing with the card, i have learned some very important things about it.

  1. It is a must kill card. Your opponent isn’t gonna be leaving a 5/5 on the board for any reason.
  2. If they do kill it, they give your additional reach with your lethals
    1. If you look at how i constructed this deck, you will see that many cards in it deal damage to yourself. When Jor is killed, even a blood pact can help you lethal your opponent!
  3. Its entrance animation is freaking cool as hell! (This is a real reason! Don’t judge me….)

Then the next obvious question is “Why wouldn’t you play any of the other 6 drops in your deck?” I will address this below.

  • Carabosse, Wicked Fairy
    • Very powerful card but has one major draw back. I don’t want to be locked in at 6 play points for the remainder of the game. In this deck, you generally want to play this card on turn 7 because you want to be able to play your Emerelda’s to help finish out the game. Unfortunately though, in the current meta as it stands, playing Carabosse on 7 ends up being a significant loss in tempo and this deck is always trying to push forward as quickly possible.
  • Imp Lancer
    • Imp Lancer is certainly a fine option for the jor slot if someone opted not to play it. There is literally nothing wrong with this substitution.
  • Fenrir
    • An excellent drop in the 6 slot but it is a little too slow for what you are trying to do. You generally want to be pushing as much as you can to your opponents face and this card doesn’t really help with that too much.


You mulligans are very important with this deck. I will try to cover as much of the mulligans as i can for the more common match ups.

  • Ambling Wraith
  • Blood Wolf
  • Spiderweb Imp
    • Keep: You are playing against Forest / Sword / Blood as these tend to be aggro decks and you want to be conservative with your life total as much as possible.
    • Don’t Keep: Against Rune. This card is a very easy Kaleidoscopic Glow target.
  • Disagreeable Demon
    • Keep: You have a 2 drop in hand in match ups that are not the below or you are playing against Dragon / Haven / Rune
  • Belphegor
    • Keep: Against Rune / Dragon / Haven / Blood (though debatable)
    • Don’t Keep: Against Aggro decks.
  • Snarling Chains
    • Keep: Going Second and if you did not get any other 2 drops.

Do you have tips for playing the deck?

  • It takes quite a bit of games to understand how you are supposed to play out your match ups. Stay tuned for the match up article that will be coming out shortly after this one!
  • Don’t focus on playing Jormungand! A lot of the time, you will feel the temptation to play jor when a better play is available. Play it when you can, not when you want to!
  • Make sure to pay very close attention to how much potential damage you can do in a turn. If you are not familiar with playing a deck such as this, it can be easy to miss lethal by not paying attention to a Razory claw in your hand or even remembering that jormungand’s effect has triggered.
  • In the beginning, play this like an aggro deck. Much like an aggro deck, you do want to play to your curve so mulliganing for it is paramount if you are going first more specifically.
  • Be weary of your life total and how much your opponent can do to you in a turn. This is rather generic advice but it is even more important for this deck than any other decks because of the sheer amount of damage you do to yourself. Don’t put yourself in your opponents lethal range!

Final thoughts

This deck is a ton of fun and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of playing it as I do! In the next article, i will cover this decks match ups and try to go into detail as to how this deck can be played in those! Feel free to hit up my discord and chat about shadowverse here! https://discord.gg/bdVuV7T Until next time!


(For the people who don’t get the reference in the title…)