Chronogenesis Rotation: Control Blood!


Howdy Shadowverse players! I’m back and once again, we have yet another control blood article!! I have written so many of these over the course of me playing shadowverse but I just love the deck so much that I always want to share my progress with it!


Control Blood is a deck that is very good at doing one thing, slowly draining your opponent out of resources and then winning through some massive win condition. Although this can be said about any control deck, the method in which control blood obtains survive-ability is due to its ability to heal through various means. Keeping your life total up is paramount when playing this deck.

Card Choices  

Blood Drinkers Brand: Since Diabolic Drain is no more, this card replaces it in the rotation format. While you are Vengeance, you do get to recover 2 play points which in effect would make this card cost one. Not to mention this card can be paired up with several of your late game followers to help you stay in the game while creating a massive life swing. Playing this on a Diabolus Psema is pretty sweet because he himself won’t take the damage. So you can swing with that guy and gain a ton of life back. I have actually played this on a spawn of the abyss and it actually helped me win a game i probably would have lost otherwise. This card is quite versatile but i wouldn’t get any crazy ideas about this card being *better* than diabolic drain. Nothing currently truly replaces that.

Reach of the Archdemon: The revelation replacement. Okay, let’s get this out of the way. *This is definitely not Revelation!*. Now that we have gotten that out of our system, let’s talk about this card. While you are in vengeance, you do get back 3 PP so in effect it will cost 3 to do 3 damage to the board. This can be rather good against decks like sword and shadow.

Diabolus Psema: I am still unsure about this card. There are many times where this guy puts in a serious amount of work and does an excellent job with giving you additional options to help clear board and burn your opponents in demonic strike and demonic storm. He is a big body as well so he can be pretty difficult to take down. With the little testing that I have done with him, he seems to be an all around decent card. I need more play with him to truly gauge his worth.

Match ups 

(Please understand that any information i put in this section is based on the match ups I have played until this point.)


  • Artifact Portalcraft
    • You have a large amount of AOE removal to help deal with their artifact engine. They can effectively deal with your late game threats through the use of Otherworld Rift and a barrage of ancient artifacts. (This actually happens more often than you might thing.
    • Try and keep track if you can of the artifacts that are going into your opponents deck. Also, making plays to help mess with their ability to trigger resonance can also be a winning strategy against Deus Ex Machina.
  • Vengeance Blood
    • Vengeance blood lost a lot of its explosiveness. It still does have cards in the form of Dark General and Emerelda to help push that late game storm damage. However, the loss of Blood wolf has severally hurt the deck. Due to this, this match up has seriously improved since the previous format.
  • Midrange Swordcraft
    • Similar to with Artifact Portalcraft, use your AOE’s to keep their boards shut down. The thing about the new midrange sword that is currently being played is that it is incredibly good at flooding in the late game due to Arthur. Try not to use your AOE’s until then and use Fenrir to gain board presence and value. I would recommend against reckless use of belphegor as well. Sword and Vengeance blood are both decks that can punish bad usage of Belphegor.
  • Mysteria Runecraft
    • This is a relatively easy match up. Although, it is important much like before to be very careful about how you play your belphegor. Remember, this is still a burn deck and you can be burned out from 10 through this decks combos with silver blade golem and mysteria synergy.
  • Most Aggro decks


  • Tempo Forest
    • Tempo Forest can be a little rough for you because of Fairy Driver. They can slowly wittle you down through the use of this and it’s quite annoying. Have your hungering horde’s ready to take out a board of fairies. Fenrir is also incredibly good in this match up as well.
  • Midrange Shadowcraft
    • Midrange Shadow is on the boarderline of unfavorable to even. If your opponent does not get prince catacomb up and running, you have a bit of a chance to fight through the onslaught of seemingly endless value. If they do get it up, you are going to have a very difficult time winning the game because they simply get more value than you do out of your cards.
    • In the beginning of the game, be prepared to focus on keeping their boards clean. Trade or do whatever you have to do to make sure they are not getting a ton of value out of their prince catacombs later on.


  • Summit Haven
    • I have not seen much of this deck yet, but from what I have seen, i have been crushed each time. I need a bit more practice against it before i can give an accurate analysis.
  • Ramp Dragon
    • Ramp dragon feels so bad to fight against right now. Chronos is an automatic “No bahamut for you” card. Dragoon scyther is very strong against your bigger threats and to be honest, the majority of your cards are completely dead. Emerelda and Call of Cocytus are cards that can help you navigate the match up.
    • If you find that your opponent is not playing the chronos version of the deck and they are playing traditional ramp dragon, then bahamut is on the menu. Try not to be the first bahamut in the match up. If you are, make sure that you have Israfils and scarlet sabruers on deck with evo’s to take them down.

Final Thoughts

Control blood is just as interesting as ever to me. I am going to continue to experiment with it and see what i can come up with in terms of better match up knowledge and different tech choices. Thank you for taking the time to read this article on control blood! I hope that you have learned something! If you haven’t checked out the release tournament for Chronogenesis, you definitely should! We are even going to have “door prizes” for select people as well! You can find the information in regards to that below!

Chronogenesis Release Tournament!


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