Chronogenesis Card Reveal! Mummy!


Howdy Shadowverse players!

With a ton of reveals for the new Shadowverse set coming around, we here at the shadow nexus got our own card reveal! Without further ado, here it is!


  • Name: Mummy
  • Attack: 3 (5)
  • Defense: 4 (6)
  • Effect: Fanfare: Necromancy 4: Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.

Now a few things about this card strike me as interesting. I believe this is the first card to say “Fanfare: Necromancy”. It’s intriguing because I wonder what other effects will have similar wording in the future. It allows for different effects to have different timings!


Minimum, it allows you to clear a threat without using an evolution point. Kinda similar to big knuckle bodyguard before. But the difference with this effect is that it does require necromancy so it isn’t “free”. The trade off (and i think it is a worthwhile one) is that the effect is targeted, not random! That means that you get to choose which card you deal the damage to when it is played! (Hence the reason it is worded the way that it is.)

All in all, I cannot imagine that this card will not see some sort of play in take 2 and its even possible to see constructed play!

Final thoughts

I wanna take this time to thank Cygames for giving us here at the shadow nexus a card reveal. Without them, we wouldn’t have this awesome game to play.

If you haven’t had time to sign up for the Chronogenesis release event, i highly recommend doing so! It will be the event that helps shape the meta coming up for the new season! Here is the link! https://battlefy.com/the-shadow-nexus/the-shadow-nexus-chronogenesis-release-event/5a23efce517ab0035fc4f880/info?infoTab=details

If you are interested in hanging out with a ton of SV players, you are more than welcome to join our discord  here! https://discord.gg/bdVuV7T. Until next time guys! Hope to see you for the chronogenesis release event!.