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Chronotis: Card Fighting System Concepts and Game Design Part 2

Howdy all! I apologize for being late this week as this has been a very hectic week but I’m here as promised to talk a bit more about the game design of Chronotis card fighting system! This time, i actually […]


Why I decided to make Chronotis: Card Fighting System.

Howdy guys As promised, I’m back with another blog post to talk about some of the decisions behind the design of Chronotis: Card Fighting System. Today, i actually wanna talk about why I decided to make this game. Funny enough, […]


Chronotis: Card Fighting System Concepts of Design Part 1

Howdy guys! It’s been a long time since I have made a post but each week until the game is fully finished and developed, I will be making a blog post about the progress of our game. Although it’s been […]