Can’t Take Me Down! Unlimited Format Midrange Swordcraft!


Decklist: https://goo.gl/iVFtC8 – Midrange sword










Howdy Shadowverse Players,

I’m back with another crazy few decks for you guys to mess around with! We know that there hasn’t been a ton of things done on unlimited format so I decided to take it upon myself to tryout some new stuff!

Why Midrange Sword?

Good question random shadowverse article reader! I actually have NO idea! I am not known as the biggest Swordcraft fan but I gotta say that I have been having a blast playing this deck. Midrange sword does incredibly well vs a good amount of decks in the current unlimited meta game and I cannot say enough about this decks lasting power.

Card Choices

Frontguard General: After having played a lot of rotation format for the last little bit, i have actually missed this card a great deal. This is one of the best cards in Swordcraft and it is a shame to see it not in rotation. The value this card provides is amazing and it is also insanely difficult to kill! Leaving behind the 2/3 ward body is nothing to scoff at especially after the bigger body eats through a ton of your opponents removal / followers from trading into it.

Darksaber Melissa: While this card is not particularly stellar in rotation, in unlimited however, i am loving this card more and more. It cannot be targeted so a lot of the targeted removal your opponent might run like dance of death or burn spells simply won’t work on it. In addition to that, this card curves perfectly into frontguard General so after your opponent has burned whatever resources dealing with this, you then jam frontguard general and your opponent is like “Damn it!”

Mars, Silent Flame General / White Paladin: This combination is still just as good as it was when Team Disastra brought it to NGE Season 3 Qualifiers and literally dominated the brackets! This combo can help seal the game vs aggro decks and there are a lot of them running around in unlimited at the moment! If both of these get pulled off of Round Table Assembly, the amount of defensive power you have can be very difficult to overcome for your opponent.

Confront Adversity: I gotta say; At first, i wasn’t too impressed by this card. But after having played with it a bunch, this card has impressed me a lot. First off, it can help clear off weakened followers, bats, or fairies. Second off, it can set up a ward to help protect your board. Now, the ward that is getting played off of this isn’t amazing, but it is something! Also, you can play this card without using its AOE effect.

Match Up Information


  • Any and all aggro decks
  • Roach Forest
    • Below i will be posting a match of this deck vs roach forest. As i mentioned above, Frontguard general is key in this match up. Playing him at the right times can help you fight through your opponent’s attempts at killing you!
  • Dimension Shift Runecraft
    • You just have to change your mindset with this match up and play aggressive. Melissa is also very good in this match because your opponent has mostly targeted removal which doesn’t work on her at all. A pre evo on her can even help finishout the game for you.
  • Atomy Shadowcraft
    • You win this match by virtue of a single card. Young Ogrehunter Momo


  • Neutral Forest
  • Midrange Shadow
    • This isn’t as bad as it used to be, you can beat this deck pretty handily using the Mars / Paladin combo. Most of this match will be you favorably trading to make sure your opponent does not get ahead on board.


  • Daria Runecraft
    • Daria happens to be on unlimited ladder…A lot lol. And man, this deck feels down right dreadful to fight against. They make bigger boards than you and the only real way you win is pray to the RNG gods that they brick HORRIBLY. I never want to fight this match ever when I see rune. The best thing you can do in this match is try to finish it as quickly as possible. Don’t let it go long because they can clear your boards easily and you will be struggling to fight through the onslaught of Oglers, Chimera’s and Darias.
  • Ramp Dragoncraft


Demo Video

Final Thoughts

This deck is a lot of fun to play around with. If you have the cards, give it a whirl and tell me what you think! You can hit up our discord at https://discord.gg/bdVuV7T. Until next time!