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Cannons to the left! Support Cannon Sword!

Decklist: https://tinyurl.com/y9ledyy8 Howdy Shadowverse players! Alright, so this time, i’m back with support cannon sword! If you have been watched my streams, you would have seen me perform some amazing wins with this deck and quite honestly, I actually think support […]


Tackling the Metagame: Control Forestcraft (With Video)

Deck List: https://tinyurl.com/yaww6g9q Howdy Shadowverse Players, So I have been doing a lot of playing during this expansion (actually much more than I have in recent memory lol) and i’d like to think I have a decent grip on how this […]


Shadowverse Open Top 6 Decklists!!! 4/15/2018 (EU)

Repi Zerofyne Dulan Sheepy Tekking Tim


Can’t Take Me Down! Unlimited Format Midrange Swordcraft!

Decklist: https://goo.gl/iVFtC8 – Midrange sword                   Howdy Shadowverse Players, I’m back with another crazy few decks for you guys to mess around with! We know that there hasn’t been a ton of […]


Rotation: Justice is Delivered! Control (Aya) Havencraft Part 1

(yep pretty sad i know…naming a deck after myself but hey! All in fun right? Okay, probably not =\) Shadowverse Portal: http://bit.ly/2A8yu9L Howdy Shadowverse players! I’ve with yet another awesome deck build (at least I think so anyway) I have been […]


The Shadow Nexus: Chronogenesis Release event top 4 deck lists!

Chinchillord (first place) https://goo.gl/e8Pv8d https://goo.gl/Nrb4Hm https://goo.gl/ivCxsp Baad (Second Place) https://goo.gl/CdGaqM https://goo.gl/ZDbuk2 https://goo.gl/5528HK HSK Szerro (3rd Place) https://goo.gl/C6gH4G https://goo.gl/MMA1bW https://goo.gl/8EMrGz MS Noah (Fourth Place) https://goo.gl/2V4CEe https://goo.gl/EfTHNZ https://goo.gl/HTYxst


Chronogenesis Rotation: Control Blood!

Howdy Shadowverse players! I’m back and once again, we have yet another control blood article!! I have written so many of these over the course of me playing shadowverse but I just love the deck so much that I always […]


Chronogenesis Card Reveal! Mummy!

Howdy Shadowverse players! With a ton of reveals for the new Shadowverse set coming around, we here at the shadow nexus got our own card reveal! Without further ado, here it is!   Name: Mummy Attack: 3 (5) Defense: 4 […]


Jormungand Vengeance ~ Killing Me Softly Part 2

To read the previous article, please go here. Jormungand Vengeance ~ Killing Me Softly Part 1 Howdy Shadowverse players! I am back now with part 2 of the Jorm article. Some of the responses i got from the last one […]


Jormungand Vengeance ~ Killing Me Softly Part 1

  Howdy Shadowverse players! Man! It’s been a while since I have had sometime to sitdown and write an article on my own website. Generally I am writing between shadowverse.gamepress.gg and shadowverse.nge.io so I don’t have a large amount of time but […]