A beginners guide to Artifact Portal Part 2 by HSK Szerro


Ahh, I always knew an adventurer like you would come back looking to learn more about Portal. Well, You came to the right place. Last week we talked about cards you will often see in artifact portal as well as the Resonance mechanic as a whole. Today, I will leave you with a decklist and armed with enough knowledge to go out on ladder and try the deck for yourself.

The Decklist:    

The general gameplan with this list is to keep your opponent’s board under control while keeping your hand full of tools with the help of Deus Ex Machina, Analyzing artifacts and plenty of ways to tutor artifacts to your hand. With this list you can get any of the 5 artifacts into your deck so you should familiarize yourself with them all.
At the current moment there are 5 different kinds of Artifacts that Portalcraft has access to:


Analyzing Artifact: Analyzing is incredibly undercosted for what it does, 2/1 for 1 with draw a card on it is worth somewhere around 2.5 PP. With the help of Acceleratium you can give the Artifact rush, make it cost 0 and also draw the card instantly. This is probably the most common Artifact you will play with in Portal.


Ancient Artifact: like Analyzing, Ancient is incredibly efficient for it’s cost. 3/2 rush is costed at around 3 PP, sometimes with a bit more upside. So Ancient ends up becoming worth around 2.5PP. These are great for cleaning up your opponent’s side of the board for cheap and also double as solid threats since a 3/1 can end up hitting quite hard.


Mystic Artifact: Grimnir that draws a card on fanfare. Most lists won’t have many ways to get Mystics into the deck but Mystics can still be quite powerful and against certain decks ward can double as an alternate win condition. With cards like Biofabrication and Hamlin you can make a single Mystic Artifact turn into many, many more.


Radiant Artifact: These things hit pretty hard. At the moment portal doesn’t have too much reach outside of Safira and Radiant. Similar to Mystic Artifact you won’t find yourself having too many of these in your deck but having just a few can really help close a game out. If Radiant dies on your turn it will put another Artifact from your deck into your hand making Radiant a pretty reasonable tool to clear a board in a pinch while getting you more options to use for that turn.


Prime Artifact: From my experience this is the Artifact you will play the least. It’s big and expensive but once you put it down it becomes an alternate win condition. Prime threatens to hit for 5 every turn unless it’s answered, and if it’s answered (unless it was banished) it will be coming right back next turn. The infinite value Prime provides is a great way grind out a game. At the moment the only cards that can get you a Prime Artifact is Miriam and Knower of History.


While playing Portal it is important to know what Artifacts you have in your deck so you have a good idea of what the odds are for pulling a specific Artifact. For example if you have 3 Analyzing 2 Ancient the odds of you pulling an Ancient Artifact off of a Fervent Machine Soldier would be 40%. In a long game of Portal it can be hard to know for certain what Artifacts are left in your deck. To help with this I highly recommend using either pen and paper or, my personal favorite, an abacus. They are great ways to quickly mark down what you just shuffled in or pulled out of your deck.


When it comes to your Mulligan’s in Portal being on the play or on the draw will also affect how you Mulligan, a great example of this would be Miriam, Synthetic Being. If you are going first you will be in Resonance for her on turn 3, if you are going second, turn 2. Going either first or second it is very important for you to have a 2PP 2/2 to play on turn 1. These get your artifact generation started early. Of these Icarus and Magisteel Lion are your strongest ones. If you are going second you will want to save your Icarus for your evolve turn but if it is your only turn 2 play it is still worth getting onto the board.

Do’s and don’ts of the mulligan

Do keep  

  • Metaproduction                                         
  • Magisteel/Icarus/Mech Wing Swordsman    
  • A 3 drop if you already have a good 2 drop
  • Deux Ex Machina in a matchup that give you time to do so.

 Don’t Keep

  • Acceleratium                   
  • Hamline / Mirium unless your hand has immediate synergy with either card. 
  • Biofabrication
  • Hakrabi
  • Safira
  • Magna Legacy

Substitution can be an iffy mulligan. Sometimes it will be better than sliced bread. Other times you will wonder what’s so great about sliced bread anyway.

I hope this article series was helpful in your journey to collect all of the Chaos Artifacts. As always if you found this helpful or have any questions comments or concerns leave them in the comments. If your looking for a Discord community to ask more portal related questions you can find me on the Shadow Nexus Discord or on mine, the Hallowed Sky Discord. See you all next week!