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INTO THE ARENA: Building the Guilds, Pt.1

It’s a brave new world for Magic. Millions of games are being played round the clock on MTG Arena, giving us Standard and Limited formats that move faster than ever before! With so many spells being slung around Arena, it […]


The Shadow Nexus: Artifact Tournament

Date and Time: 12 /14 /2018 at 7pm EST Format: Draft / Best of 1 / Single Elimination / 128 Players Prize: $50 Dollar Prize pool $25 first place $15 Second place $10 Third place Tournament Link: To be given […]


Chronotis: Card Fighting System Concepts and Game Design Part 2

Howdy all! I apologize for being late this week as this has been a very hectic week but I’m here as promised to talk a bit more about the game design of Chronotis card fighting system! This time, i actually […]


Why I decided to make Chronotis: Card Fighting System.

Howdy guys As promised, I’m back with another blog post to talk about some of the decisions behind the design of Chronotis: Card Fighting System. Today, i actually wanna talk about why I decided to make this game. Funny enough, […]


Chronotis: Card Fighting System Concepts of Design Part 1

Howdy guys! It’s been a long time since I have made a post but each week until the game is fully finished and developed, I will be making a blog post about the progress of our game. Although it’s been […]

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